Thursday, 4 April 2013

Embarkation Day



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Today is embarkation day. I'm starting four weeks of travel funded by a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust travel fellowship.

The purpose of my trip is to spend time at two university research centres and three hospitals to help me develop my own plans for post doctoral research in relation to preterm infants and their parents.

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust was established from the public donations that followed Churchill's death in 1965. The travel fellowships are open to all British citizens, of any profession, to enable them to travel abroad and enhance their learning/knowledge in a particular area, with a particular remit to bring that knowledge back to the UK for the benefit of the UK population. I will be using my trip to explore leading neonatal therapy research and practice in the US, to help me refine my research programme that I will undertake here in the UK.

So I am spending a week in each of four cities - Providence (Rhode Island), Cincinnati (Ohio), St Louis (Missouri) and Dallas/Fort Worth (Texas).

Such a wonderful opportunity....not least because it will help me escape the horrid London weather. It snowed quite heavily yesterday, which is ridiculous given that it is now April!


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  1. What a fantastic opportunity, and a wonderful thing to research into as well. Have a wonderful time, and hope you find some sunshine over the pond. We are just hoping down here in Oz that our endless Summer will finish. It all seems a little mixed up at the moment! xx