Friday, 23 September 2011

Learning about virtual moodboards...

I was one who for many years collected design pictures from magazines and faithfully stored them in a folder, awaiting the time when I had a home-space that was not rented and that I could actually make changes to. Actually, to be honest, I am still addicted to home magazines and still find myself tearing out pictures...

But, through blogging, I began to be inspired by the virtual moodboards that can be created. So, with a little bit of frustration, I recently attempted my first moodbaord with My sister is in the process of doing some redecoration to her home, and as part of that process my nephew (who is 13 years old) is having his bedroom repainted, and thinks that he might like it to be green.

So, using that as my inspiration, I attempted to put together a moodboard for my sister and nephew to consider. I had most of the ideas of what I wanted to include in my head - the main frustration I had with the website was focused on how to import images to the site itself. Once I had mastered the best way to do that (which was slightly different to what they recommended), then it came together quite easily.

I'm hoping that my nephew likes this (I have to keep up appearances as a 'cool auntie') - but if not, I'm equally pleased that I've mastered a new skill in this online adventure.

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