Saturday, 24 September 2011

Loving leopard print...

Yes, here is yet another trend to which I am coming very late - leopard print fashion. I've toyed with this idea for awhile. I'm generally very conservative in my wardrobe choices - bright colours are only an infrequent purchase, let alone prints.

But, I'd been thinking of some leopard print ballet flats for awhile, but hadn't been able to find any that I particularly liked and were in the price range I was prepared to spend.

Fortunately, this week I was looking at a friend's online shop (Bourgeoie Boheme - Fashion with Compassion) and found this lovely pair above. Bobo (as it is known) belongs to friends of mine and is a vegan fashion label. So, not only were the flats on sale, but I can also feel positive about my ethical purchase!

They came out of the box, straight onto my feet, and are going to have their first outing this afternoon. I'm catching up with a friend to trawl the fabric stores in Soho - and am hoping to perhaps grab some good bargins.

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